A Master Rosarian is the "cream de la cream" of the rose world. These are individuals who are dedicated to the rose and educating others so they can share in the love of our glorious hobby. This is not an honorary title, but one that is approved by several levels of ARS membership, and earned by doing exceptional work.


To qualify as a Master Rosarian, a Consulting Rosarian (who needs three years of ARS membership to qualify as a CR) needs to serve the membership at least 10 years, and continue to serve in various functions such as an officer of a local society or district, write articles for the local bulletins, lecture when asked, and attend and participate in various seminars, such as pruning demonstrations. This is a working honor, one not to be taken lightly.

Gulf District Master Rosarians by Award Year:


Linda Aguzin

Julie Engert


Clyde Bartlett

Marie Bartlett

Carolyn DeRouen

Frances Falcon

Flora Hover

Frank Hover


Lynn Clement


Dr. Thomas Davis


Timothy A. Calamari, Jr.

Donald G. Edgerton, M.D.

Charlotte Haring

Peter Haring

Al Hobbs

Earl Hudgins

Rita Hudgins

C. Judith Mayo

Madge Mayo

James Mills

Blanchie Morrison

J.T. Smith

Marilyn Wellan